Guild rules

We are very easygoing. Politeness, good behaviour and a positive attitude is all we ask for really.

We don’t use sign-ups for raids, you just log in and raid.
Signing off for a raid is done by posting about your absence on our forum.

The rest of these rules is just common sense.

Don’t go AFK unannounced during raids.

You join this guild with a certain specialization, and changing from ranged to melee, tank to healer etc without conferring with the leadership is not acceptable. This does however of course not apply to e.g. mage, as a mage will always be ranged no matter specialization.

You are always an ambassador for the guild. Keep this in mind when interacting with people outside the guild.

We expect everyone to know what consumables to use, and to come to raids prepared.

Keep your character maximized with gems, enchants, glyphs etc.